2020 Top 10 Designer Bags to invest in

With the end of the major fashion weeks in spring and summer 2020, do you not hurry up to catch up with the popular elements of the next season? In order to become a more beautiful girl in the spring of 2020, buying and buying is definitely indispensable! If you want to attract enough attention, the bag must be the Top 1 of investment. After the wave of ultra-mini bags and underarm bags that started this year, what powerful explosive bags will appear next, then follow me to find out!

2020 Spring and Summer bag fashion trends

2020 Top 10 Designer Bags to invest in
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When it comes to this year’s trend, ultra-mini bags are absolutely indispensable. Although small enough to fit even a cell phone, it is still the topic and hot guarantee. According to this momentum, the super-small bag boom in spring and summer 2020 will Carry on.

At the same time, this year’s exaggerated design is getting more and more eye-catching, and various exotic styles are emerging. For example, cylindrical or rectangular bags, what other double bags, big bags boom are beginning to show their heads. The tassel element that was popular in 2017 will also appear frequently on the extension platforms of major brands in 2020. You can see it from clothing to accessories, and it will definitely return.

From the perspective of backpacking, clutches and underarm bags are also popular styles in 2020. Well, after understanding the fashion trends, we will start the “actual operation” slightly, a large wave of bags is coming, ready for your wallet!

The Best British Designer Bags to invest in

Bags are always one of the most discussed topics for girls. In addition to the well-known Burberry, Coach, LV, Longchamp in the UK, there are many good bags with unique styles and strong practicality. And every new season, the star models of these brands will set off a wave of trends. So which brands of bags in the UK are the most popular, and what is your favourite?

The Cambridge Satchel

The history of the Cambridge bag is less than ten years. In such a short time, it has become one of the most British bags. The success of Cambridge bags is not just a simple design. The cultural roots behind the brand and the love of mothers and children give this brand a unique connotation. Colourful bags are not only fashionable but also practical.

The Cambridge Satchel
The Cambridge Satchel

The founder Julie took inspiration from “Harry Potter” and designed a daily backpack for her students at Hogwarts School, so the Cambridge bag is naturally British. From the small family workshops with only three weekly sales to the large companies with a turnover of nearly one million pounds this year, the popularity of Cambridge Bags in the UK and around the world is self-evident. Whether as the protagonist or supporting role, the Cambridge bag often appear in major fashion layouts and hard photos.

If you order on the official website, you can choose to customize the exclusive Cambridge bag printed with the initials or any letters, which is also very special!

Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush Buyer’s Guide

There are many brands of electric toothbrushes on the market, but the mainstream brands with the best sales worldwide are still Philips and Oral B. Also a giant, Philips has become the first choice for a large number of consumers, especially women, to purchase electric toothbrushes with its high value and popular marketing methods.

There are many different types of Philips electric toothbrushes, and the number of brush head models is even more puzzling. There are many articles about Philips electric toothbrushes and brush head models on the Internet, which are both complete and detailed, but after reading it, I feel that I don’t Know how to choose. Therefore, today we will organize the four best-selling Philips electric toothbrushes in the UK market, the corresponding brush head model of each toothbrush, and where to buy the electric toothbrush in the UK. Make sure you read clearly

Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush
Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush

4 best-selling Philips electric toothbrushes

The 4 best-selling electric toothbrushes in the UK market at present are DiamondClean Diamond Bright White Series, 6100 Series, 5100 Series, 4300 Series

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush 2019 Edition

Philips diamond bright white 2019 latest version
Philips diamond bright white 2019 latest version

Philips DiamondClean white toothbrush is currently the highest-end series of Philips, known as the best electric toothbrush ever made by Philips. Many of my friends around me are using this.

The current version of the British market has been upgraded to the latest version in 2019. The new version of the Plaque defensive brush head has 4 times the contact surface of the diamond whitening brush head and the teeth, which is 10 times the cleaning effect of the manual toothbrush. The white tooth effect is more obvious.

There are 5 brushing modes (including cleaning, whitening, polishing, gum protection, sensitive care) and 3 intensity, the brush head automatically senses. Anyway, it is a combination of various black technologies, and the price is cheap. It is always £ 89 after the discount. It is even cheaper to buy a suit. If you don’t know which one to buy, go for this one.

Available color: black, white, pink

DiamondClean Recommended Brush Head: W3 + C3

DiamondClean Recommended Brush Head: W3 + C3

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Electric Toothbrush
Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Electric Toothbrush

If you have enough budget, you can also buy DiamondClean Smart Diamond Bright White Smart Electric Toothbrush, built-in app, smart monitoring brushing, real-time feedback data, personalized brushing process. However, the price is a bit expensive. If you are doing orthodontics and need special care, you can buy this electric toothbrush to detect your own dental data in real time.

Recommended index :★★★

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100 Electric Toothbrush

 Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100 Electric Toothbrush
Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100 Electric Toothbrush 

6100 is a series that Philips once sold very hot, but later, because the higher-end DiamondClean series came out, and the discount was more fierce, it was cheaper than the 6100, and instantly grabbed the 6100 market.

The 6100 series has 3 brushing modes (cleaning, whitening, gingival protection) and 3 strengths, including gravity sensor, brush head replacement reminder and more.

But in terms of price. The 6100 does lose its edge now.

Available color: black, white, pink

6100 series recommended brush head: G2 + C2

6100 series recommended brush head: G2 + C2

Recommended index : ★★

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 Electric Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 Electric Toothbrush
Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 Electric Toothbrush

The 5100 and 6100 series have almost the same functions, 3 cleaning modes, 1 intensity, gravity sensor, brush head replacement reminder and more. In terms of price, it has almost lost to the DiamondClean diamond white series, so it has almost lost its competitive advantage.

Available color: black, white

5100 series recommended brush head: G2 + C2

Recommended index : ★★★

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4300 Electric Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4300 Electric Toothbrush
Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4300 Electric Toothbrush

4300 should be regarded as the most cost-effective electric toothbrush of Philips. The usual discounted price is about 50 pounds. It is really the best price-performance ratio. Many people who are new to electric toothbrushes will choose this.

The 4300 is a mid-range, very practical series. It has no fancy function, a cleaning mode, a built-in pressure sensor, and a brush head replacement reminder. It is simple and easy to use, and it meets your daily brushing needs.

Available color : black, sky blue, pink

4300 series recommended brush head:G2 + C2 

Recommended index : ★★★★

How to change the brush head of Philips electric toothbrush

What types of brush heads?

There are many models of Philips brush heads. We don’t look at the specific model numbers, but only look at the series, which are divided into the following series:

How to see the model of Philips brush head
How to see the model of Philips brush head

W3 Premium White bright white brush head, mainly for cleaning stains and whitening teeth. Compared with manual toothbrushes, the teeth whitening effect can be seen in 3 days;

W2 Optimal White bright white brush head, one level lower than W3, visible whitening effect in 7 days;

C3 Premium Plaque Defence cleaning brush head, mainly for daily cleaning;

C2 Optimal Plaque Defence cleaning brush head, slightly lower than C3;

G3 Premium Gum Care brush to protect your gum health, sensitive teeth, bleeding gums can choose this;

G2 Optimal Gum Care brush, one level lower than G3.

Every original brush head of Philips electric toothbrush has a chip. Inserting the brush head will automatically sense the built-in chip, synchronize with the handle, and automatically match various brushing modes.

When does the brush head change?

Replace the brush head indicator
Replace the brush head indicator

The dentist suggested that our toothbrush should be replaced every 3 months. The Philips electric toothbrush has a replacement brush head indicator on the handle. As shown in the figure above, the indicator light is generally at the bottom of the handle. One brush head icon + two clockwise arrows. There is a chip sensor on the brush head. If the indicator flashes, it is time to replace the brush head. If it is not replaced in time, the wear of the bristles will affect the cleaning of the teeth, especially the cleaning efficiency of plaque bacteria will be reduced. If the electric toothbrush on your hand is relatively low-end and there is no reminder lamp to replace the brush head, it is recommended that you replace it every 3 months.

Do I have to buy the original brush head?

Can I not buy the original brush head? Because it is very expensive, there are many third-party brush heads on the Internet, and they can also be installed on the handle of Philips. Is there any difference between the two? In fact, I personally do not recommend using non-original brush heads. Philips original brush heads have a chip that will automatically sense when installed, which can give full play to the effectiveness of electric toothbrushes. If you only care about whether you can clean it, you don’t need brightening, gum protection and other functions. How to buy a brush head doesn’t matter, but why should you spend money on a full-function electric toothbrush? In addition, the quality level of third-party brush heads is uneven. There are still some differences between the material and workmanship of the bristles from the original factory. Why should you take this risk?

Where to buy the the cheapest Philips electric toothbrush in the UK

Electric toothbrushes are available on Philips’ official website, Boots (it’s cheap when you have extra points), Unineed (the package is cheap), and Amazon. For direct sales, if it is a member, it will arrive the next day.

Amazon Philips electric toothbrush discount
Amazon Philips electric toothbrush discount

Amazon’s after-sales service is also much better than other e-commerce companies. The after-sales system is mature, return and exchange are convenient, no shipping costs, and refunds are quick after returning. For the same type of Philips electric toothbrush, I compared it. Generally, the price on Amazon is about 5% lower than other e-commerce platforms.

How to charge electric toothbrush

Dedicated Shaver Outlet
Dedicated Shaver Outlet

I don’t know if you noticed that many toilets in the UK are equipped with a two-pin socket as standard. It says “shavers only”, which is a plug for charging the shaver. This can also be used for electric toothbrushes. Charging. As shown in the picture above, our bathroom plug has two two-pin sockets, one is 240V ordinary voltage, and the other is 115V voltage. Generally, Japanese appliances are equipped with 115V voltage, and British appliances are normal voltage, 220- It can be 240 volts. Be careful not to insert it wrongly.

If you don’t have a two-pin socket in your home, you can buy a triangular plug from Amazon that is used to charge your Philips electric toothbrush.

Controlling blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol with Holland Barrett Health products

The so-called “three highs” are hypertension, hyperglycemia, and hyperlipidemia. With the improvement of living standards and changes in the pace of life, the “three highs” have become a common disease of modern people, which greatly threatens human health. Unhealthy lifestyles and diets make it impossible for nutrients to be absorbed by the blood. Instead, they become turbid and mixed into the blood, causing blood lipids to rise. Hyperlipidemia can cause vascular embolism. Hypertension can cause cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral vascular rupture. diabetes. As many as 15 million people die each year from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases worldwide, ranking first among various causes of death. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have become the “number one killer” with the highest cause of death in humans!


Fish oil + Soya Lecithin

Fish oil, a health product, has become commonplace for the general public. It has significant effects on vascular health and mental health. Fish oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Among them, rich DHA and EPA can reduce cholesterol, dissolve vascular waste, and keep blood flowing smoothly. DHA, commonly known as “brain gold”, is mainly found in the gray matter of the human brain. It activates brain cells, increases the speed of transmission of neural information, enhances memory, and delays aging.

Holland & Barrett Omega 3 Triple Strength Fish Oil Capsules 1360mg

Holland & Barrett OMEGA-3 polyene fish oil soft capsule, each fish oil content is 1200 mg, of which the active DHA and EPA content is as high as 360 mg. Deep-sea fish caught in Northern Europe, Iceland, Finland, Norway and other countries are used as the main raw materials. In these areas, the sea water is pure and pollution is low. The fish grow naturally, have more nutritional value, and the fish oil produced is more pure.

And fish oil and soy lecithin are the “golden partner”, the best combination of cardio-cerebral vascular health. Soy lecithin, known as the “vascular scavenger”, has the effect of emulsifying and decomposing fats, promotes cholesterol elimination, and can remove the garbage cleaned up by fish oil in time.

Holland & Barrett Ultra Soya Lecithin Capsules 1200mg

Each capsule of H & B contains 1,325 mg of high-quality soybean lecithin, of which the functional ingredient phosphatidylcholine is as high as 808 mg, which is more than 5 times that of domestic lecithin products. Using natural non-GMO soybeans as raw materials, refined through advanced technology of spray drying, high purity and easy absorption by human body. Soy phospholipid in liquid form removes non-physiological fats and sugars and reduces physiological burden.

Holland & Barrett Odourless Garlic

Holland & Barrett Odourless Garlic Capsules 3000mg

Hate the smell of garlic? Holland & Barrett odorless garlic flakes, while ensuring that allicin is not lost, removes the smell of general garlic oil products, so that users do not have to worry about leaving an oral odor after taking it, and their breath is fresher and closer. At the same time, scientific extraction is used. The raw materials are taken from organic fresh garlic and refined by advanced cooling extraction technology. The active ingredients are preserved. Each slice contains 10mg of concentrated odorless garlic extract, which is equivalent to 1000mg of fresh garlic cloves.

The magical effect of garlic

Garlic can be sterilized. Many people eat garlic when they go out to eat, but do you know the other magical effects of garlic?

Regulate blood lipids

Garlic can promote the metabolism and conversion between lipoproteins, inhibit the intestinal cholesterol absorption, reduce the synthesis of liver cholesterol, and promote the breakdown of serum and liver triglycerides.

Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Garlic can prevent fat deposition in the heart and brain blood vessels, induce internal fat metabolism, significantly increase fibrinolytic activity, reduce cholesterol, inhibit platelet aggregation, reduce plasma concentration, increase dilation of arterioles, relax blood vessels, and regulate blood pressure. Increases blood vessel permeability, thereby inhibiting thrombosis and preventing arteriosclerosis.

Protect liver

Garlic can help enhance liver detoxification, strengthen and maintain normal liver function, and protect the liver from toxic substances.

Regulate blood sugar levels

Garlic can improve the glucose tolerance of normal people, it can also promote the secretion of insulin and increase the use of glucose by tissue cells, thereby reducing blood sugar.

Reasonable match

The combination of Herbal Polydene Fish Oil Capsules, Soy Lecithin Capsules and Odorless Garlic Tablets can help lower blood sugar, clean up blood waste and regulate blood lipids, greatly reducing the “three highs” risk and protecting health.

Hunter Boots: Top 1 British Rain Boot Brand Buying Guide

The first second was clear and the sky was raining, and the second second was raining heavily. It is no wonder that the British weather that “changes face faster than flipping through the books” is a topic that everyone often uses to vomit. Every night I decide what clothes to wear and shoes based on the weather forecast for the next day. No matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, in this rainy country, rain gear and rain boots are indispensable super practical items. And when the winter is extremely cold, the warmth of the fur-lined rain boots is also very good! However, in the stereotypes of everyone, it seems that the keywords “rustic” and “clumsy” can not be put aside. In order to let you willingly enter a pair of good and practical rain boots, I decided to correct their names. Let’s talk about Hunter Boots, a British treasured rain boots brand, and let you see what it means to be the fashion representative of the rain boots industry!

Brand Introduction


Founded in 1856 by British native Hunter Boots, this professional rain gear and rain boot brand is loved by consumers for its long history and high quality products. And it was the supermodel Kate Moss who brought its rain boots into the fashion industry. At the music festival, she had a neat vest vest and denim shorts, paired with a pair of Hunter Boots. Can be so chic!

The brand has been awarded twice by the British royal family, which has laid a solid foundation for the century-old brand in the UK. It has the functions of comfort, cold resistance, and water resistance, and the brand has become more and more fashionable in recent years and various types of heat co-branded models, making rain boots no longer just rainy! A lot of simple and smart styles are not incompatible even on sunny days! Yan value and “inner” are both online, want to know what treasure items of this fashionable and most fashionable rain boots brand are worth entering, board the grass planting train of members, and set off!

Best Seller

Women’s Original Tall Gloss Wellington Boots: Military Red


The extremely saturated red has no sense of vulgarity. On the contrary, it will give people a super handsome aura, just can’t help but look at it a few more times. The wide boot body version is super positive, which can well modify the leg shape. The smooth, waterproof upper is easy to care for, and daily cleaning with a clean, damp cloth is sufficient. It is also worth mentioning that all Hunter Boots rain boots are handmade, and the ingenuity concept once again confirms this century-old quality guarantee.

Men’s Original Tall Wellington Boots: Dark Olive


Long-legged boys come here to gather! Hunter Boots’s most classic long rain boots are this one. The olive-green boot body, the brand’s classic red frame logo is inlaid in the center of the boot’s edge, and the simple and stylish decorative side buckle, even if it is a straight man who can dress well, step on these rain boots and wear a trench coat You can easily express the elegant British gentleman style.

Men’s Original Chelsea Boots: Navy


Another classic. Many boys like to wear these Chelsea Boots. Not only is it a versatile fairy item, but the key is that it can really enhance the look of the whole look instantly. The low-key color matching of dark blue will not go wrong, but also comes with a calm and mature temperament! Boys who are not used to wearing long rain boots can go to the store to try this pair.

Women’s Original Printed Insulated Short Snow Boots: Storm Camo Print


I even found the legendary “Snow Cotton” in Hunter Boots! This a bit of tide snow cotton used the recently popular storm camouflage elements, the irregular bright color printing and dyeing effect spilled over the boot body, which really brought a touch of liveliness to this gloomy season. Hand-made PU stitched nylon upper, warm fleece lining, thick and soft breathable insole, the wearing experience after the foot can really give full marks. Wearing it in temperatures as low as minus 22 degrees can still keep your little feet in a super warm state!

Men’s Original Insulated Ankle Snow Boots: Magnetic


When I saw this pair of snow cotton for the first time, the first thought in my head was: “This is too suitable for a dad or other male elders as a gift!” The pair of boots lost the dull and old-fashioned feeling, the boot mouth and the lining chose the contrasting bright orange color, and the proper age-reducing design is get! It can also withstand the severe weather as low as -22 degrees. If you have a dad who likes outdoor activities at home, this pair of snow cotton is a very good intimate gift.

Women’s Original Printed Long Puffer Coat: Storm Camo Print


In addition to the practical and fashionable rain boots, the brand also has a wide selection of raincoats. This storm camouflage raincoat is in the same series as the “snow cotton” on the front. The large-scale printing and dyeing effect and the colorful pieces of paper scattered randomly on the clothes can not be hidden throughout Individual design. The length design that covers the knee can perfectly cover the butt and the flesh on the thigh, exposing the most slender calf part. A thick coat that can withstand as low as minus 25 degrees is really a super practical piece in the rainy place of the rotten country.

Men’s Original Printed Puffer Bomber: Storm Camo Print


There are a lot of awkward friends around me who do n’t want to bring an umbrella knowing that it ’s raining, saying that it ’s too much trouble to carry an umbrella … Even if it ’s drizzling, it ’s necessary to have a rainproof jacket when there ’s no rain when it ’s pouring down . Also from the “Storm Camouflage” series, this short rainproof jacket for boys looks a lot of energy and spirit. After the upper part of the camouflage design on the large area, there is still a sense of sight. The point is that when it doesn’t rain, it ’s perfectly OK to wear it as an autumn and winter coat!

Original Kids First Classic Nebula Wellington Boots: Element


In addition to adult rain boots, Hunter Boots children’s rain boots are also a very popular line. This pair of Wellington rain boots designed for children from 18 months to 8 years old is classic and versatile. The flat soles make the baby smoother when walking, and the round head design will not squeeze into the “nowhere to place” little feet . The most important thing is that the use of dark tones is easier for parents to take care of!

Original Big Kids Nebula Wellington Boots: Bella


The parents of the little princess, 5-11 years old, hurry up to get these fairies rain boots! The low-saturation tender pink with a matte texture with a fine sparkle retains the lively vibe and neutralizes the soft and delicate sense of pink. The wide boots are comfortable to follow and can run around on rainy days.

Original Top Clip Backpack – Rubberised Leather: Military Red


In terms of practicality, the backpack is definitely a fairy-level single product, and the waterproof backpack can be said to be higher grade! Hunter Boots this Red backpack can be carried by both men and women. The three-dimensional brand Logo appears in the same color in a low-key and is inlaid in the center. The details are magnified for super texture! The capacity of the bag is quite powerful: laptops, folding umbrellas, book notes, water glasses, cosmetic bags, and even thin jackets can be stuffed. In addition to the outer zipper, there is a buckle on the top of the bag as a double protection insurance, so you don’t have to worry about the contents of the bag being soaked in rainy days!

Top 20 British Mens Clothing and Fashion Brands

Who said that shopping is just a patent for girls? If men really dress up, they will buy less than girls! I am here today to give men a wave of benefits-a large collection of British menswear brands. Suits suitable for formal occasions, so you never have to worry about what to wear for graduation ceremony and prom; unique and niche designer brands allow you to perfectly avoid the embarrassment of hitting shirts; wear your own style and show yourself Attitude. I have prepared a list for you according to the brand’s founding time, so that you also have a shopping addiction! It seems that after this, you can’t really say “What ’s so good for men” …

Men’s bow tie recommendation

Cheap Men’s Skin Care products recommended in Boots

Gieves & Hawkes (1785)


This menswear brand licensed by the British royal family. Gieves & Hawkes, located in Savile Row, the highest level of English suits, was founded in 1785. It has been working with world-class tailors and designers. For more than 200 years, it has designed clothing for noble gentlemen and the royal family (Churchill, Celebrities from all walks of life like Michael Jackson, Chow Yun Fat, etc. especially like G & H’s high-quality clothes), even G & H’s official official clothes are designed by G & H! The Queen and Prince of Wales even personally awarded The Royal Warrants for their highest honors and awards! G & H is best known for his tailor-made service. Unique design, fine tailoring, don’t consider going to experience the same royal service.

Moss Bros. (1851)


Do you remember the movie “Ace Agent”, which was hot in the past two years? Uncle Colin ’s well-fitting suit is a perfect interpretation of the British gentleman ’s perfect opening method. Even after the actor Taron, who has just begun to appear as a street kid, changed his agent ’s suit, his temperament rose n height !! Britain is a country with a more ritualistic sense, especially in some formal occasions, such as presentations, formal parties, graduation ceremonies, or going to a Michelin restaurant, etc. Boys still need a suit. . Founded in 1851, Moss Bros. is the largest local menswear brand in the UK, focusing on tailoring men’s clothing for many years. It mainly provides three services: Bespoke, Ready to Wear, and Hire. Moss Bros. not only has its own clothing series, there are many other brands of dresses on the official website to choose from, such as Ted Baker, DKNY, and the key is that students still have 15% OFF!

Burberry (1856)


Even if you haven’t bought Burberry’s products, you must know his classic plaid pattern! Burberry is a luxury brand with a traditional British style. Its multi-layered product line meets the needs of consumers of different ages and genders, and it has a global reputation. Burberry was founded in 1856 and is a British royal brand. Burberry’s trench coats and perfumes are well known in the world. Burberry has a traditional British design style, with classic plaid patterns, unique fabrics, and elegant style. In addition to clothing, Burberry has also extended its production line to other areas, and injected classic elements into it, introducing related products such as headscarves, knitwear and shoes.

Dunhill (1893)

Image Source:The Fashionisto

Dunhill is also a popular luxury brand for men. It is said that his products are elegant, practical and innovative! Casual yet elegant, fashionable yet mature, sophisticated tailoring is the hallmark of Dunhill! Leslie Cheung, Elvis Presley, Churchill, King of Spain, and so on. After seeing the customer base since Dunhill, I was also very surprised, because everyone can be called the “king with goods” at the time “. As an old historical brand, Dunhill’s product development has not stopped. From clothing to perfumes, leather goods to watches, jewelry to pens, now the brand’s men’s products are all-inclusive, no wonder it is the top international men’s brand!

Barbour (1894)


It is also a luxury brand that is exclusively favored by the royal family. Barbour, as the royal windbreaker brand, has always been known for its durable and durable clothes. Barbour and Burberry are also suppliers of raincoats and coats for the British royal family. Although they are not as famous as Burberry, they are not inferior in quality and even surpass Burberry. Barbour’s windproof and rainproof jacket can be said to be quite practical in the UK. In order to be durable, in addition to diligently choosing materials, Barbour also has a very unique service-bought his waterproof jacket After that, you can send the clothes back to the after-sales service department at any time. Barbour will re-waterproof and other maintenance for this coat, which is very considerate!

Belstaff (1924)


The British brand Belstaff that Beckham participated in design was founded in 1924. At that time, the warm and breathable waterproof jacket made the brand famous, and it was also a proud feature of the brand at the beginning. Even if you are unfamiliar with Belstaff’s clothes, you may have seen it more than once: Actor Costumes for many blockbusters in Hollywood, including “X-Men”, “Mission Impossible 3”, and Western “Infernal Affairs” It’s all sponsored by Belstaff! In addition to waterproof and breathable jackets, motorcycle leather jackets are also popular products at Belstaff.

Paul Smith (1970)

The most iconic designer brand from the UK is its signature color bar. Paul Smith upholds the free and easy style, so he can always see the trace of British humor in his merchandise. People in the fashion industry have said: “If Burberry represents the traditional British classics, then Paul Smith is definitely a representative of British taste and humor!” And the British humor Paul Smith wants to explain to everyone is “the inner heart “Rebellion”, it looks like a gentleman style, but secretly “tricks”, such as embroidering a naked girl on the sleeve of a shirt … very naughty! However, from the overall style of the brand, Paul Smith’s design is mainly based on simplicity and simplicity, but the small details of the playful “trick” will not be as dull as the traditional British gentleman style.

Reiss (1971)


Topman (1978)

Image Source:be-in.ru

It’s finally Topman’s turn! Have you waited so long? This affordable high street menswear brand should be a shop frequented by boys who shop around! Actually, I think that boys who want to get a touch of British style on their body do not have to buy high-priced big names. As long as they are well matched, the cheap Topman can also help you achieve it. Whether it is a simple and classic casual style, or the latest trend every year, boys can find the style they want in Topman. Topman’s simple and casual styles are casually matched, they are full of youthful flavor!

Hackett (1979)

Image Source: Shopological

British brand Hackett London is a well-known brand specializing in boutique clothing. The production line provides high-quality men’s clothing sewed with exquisite craftsmanship and a series of high-end accessories, all revealing a strong British taste. Although the men’s clothing of the Hackett family is still relatively young compared with many British centuries-old traditional men’s clothing, his family has no disadvantage in the field of sportswear and traditional casual series.

Ted Baker (1988)


Do many girls have the classic bow bag from Ted Baker? I always thought it was a brand full of girlishness from the beginning, but “surprise” was always caught off guard. Originally, Ted Baker started out by selling men’s shirts? !! Here, boys, Ted Baker menswear, find out! Ted Baker’s Global menswear collection focuses on limited-edition luxury clothing with modern design, while the Phormal collection focuses on sophisticated tailoring and modern urban menswear.

Alexander McQueen (1992)

Image Source:PAUSE Magazine

McQueen is definitely a true “ghost talent” recognized by people in the fashion industry. Every design by him is full of creative ideas. Therefore, the waves of trendy men have been selected by McQueen ’s clothes. Deeply attracted. McQueen’s design always perfectly blends the two poles that seem completely out of touch. Who says that wild and romantic, traditional and modern cannot coexist? In this era of “attitude”, rebellious, punk, and dark McQueen style is definitely the best choice.

Emmett London (1992)

Image Source: Nevs Models

Simple and rough positioning but clear and clear menswear brand Emmett has always focused on high-end shirts. There are Formal shirts specially designed for formal occasions, Casual shirts suitable for daily wear, or you can choose Made to Measure to make a unique one for you. Tailor-made shirt. As a high-end designer shirt brand, Emmett has thousands of first-class fabrics for you to choose from. In addition to the classic plaid style, the brand’s unique trendy male vision is bound to add a touch of freshness to each shirt. If you choose a shirt customization service, you can even tell them the small details you want to reflect! Although the brand mainly focuses on shirts, some small accessories for men can also be found here, such as ties, cufflinks (do you particularly like to collect cufflinks?), Socks, from head to toe, all in one store. .

AllSaints (1994)

Image Source: Drapers

When I first knew about this brand, I saw this storefront full of old sewing machines, and I thought, “So cool ?!” It turned out that this is AllSaints, a cheaper version of Vivienne Westwood! But did you know that this cool brand was actually created with menswear? AllSaints’s overall style is a bit rocky decadent, but inexplicably without losing the classic gentleman elegance. Motorcycle jackets, irregular gowns, distressed denim items, and so on are all simple and versatile styles. No wonder they are the top five favorite clothing brands for young people in Britain.

Jack Wills (1999)


Jack Wills is a clothing brand known for its University Outfitters style and is well received by British high school and college students. The brand focuses on the British campus style and even registered “Fabulously British” in its own trademark. The brand was founded in 1999. Although Jack Wills is a young post-95s, he is very fond of British traditional culture. He is committed to interpreting the traditional classic British style in a new way for young people. While retaining the strong British imprint, he is also creating a new and fashionable and unique Brand image. Important! Jack Wills has student discounts!

Oliver Spencer (2002)


British designer brand Oliver Spencer was founded in 2002 by designer Oliver Spencer. Soon after its launch, the brand was sought after by music icons like Rolling Stone and The Doves. To say that Oliver Spencer is unique, it must be the perfect combination of traditional tailoring and street fashion. I just went to the runway of his fashion show, it is a full-screen British retro style!

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Men’s bow tie recommendation

Wearing a handsome suit and walking with a British gentleman style, I believe this is what many delicate young men once imagined. But looking around, there are too many boys in suits. How can you make yourself look special? At this time, a decent tie or bow tie can make you stand out from the crowd and attract everyone’s attention.

Here comes a little question. Can you tell the difference between a tie and a bow tie and where they are used? Don’t panic, I will explain to you one by one, and by the way, I also recommend popular ties and bow ties!

Use occasion

Generally speaking, tie is suitable for business or leisure occasions with suits and shirts during the day, and occasions that are not particularly formal at night. The bow tie is mainly matched with the formal dress on a formal occasion. Some professionals also use bow ties to match shirts. Anyway, I think it’s always useful to have a few extra styles in the closet. Friends who do not know where to start, I have already helped you to check out a wave of popular tie and bow tie styles, and slowly pick it!

Tips: The products and purchase links I have selected below are for your reference only. Although we make every effort to ensure the timeliness of the information, we cannot avoid that sometimes the products will be out of stock or removed from the shelves. Please forgive me.

Recommended tie styles

Alexander McQueen Contrasting Skull Logo Tie

McQueen’s tie is made of silk fabric, only the iconic skull is printed on the front. There is no other decoration, simple and attitude, but it has a little more stylish taste than ordinary tie. With a neutral color that can not go wrong, it can be perfectly matched with a monochrome shirt, highlighting the “carefulness” on the neck, and it is stylish and handsome!

Burberry Classic Cut Logo Tie

This tie from Burberry has an all-black design with a brand new red logo printed below. It is combined with silk embroidered letters TB to form a pattern. It is a tribute to the brand’s founder, Thomas Burberry. Black and red match, very eye-catching. The tie also has an adjustable fastener, which makes it more convenient for boys to tie it. The silk fabric is made in the UK. Please note that it can only be dry-cleaned, so be careful when you wear it.

Eton Paisley-Jacquard Silk Tie


Giorgio Armani Jacquard Tie

This silk tie with round dots is from Armani, interwoven with light blue, navy blue and white, with adjustable buckle. The patterns are simple but very dynamic, and the boys are easy to control. There are also midnight blue and crimson styles, which are more suitable for formal occasions. By the way, when choosing a tie, pay attention to the size and density of the wave points: small density and large wave points are more casual; conversely, higher density and smaller wave points are more serious, and delicate boys must remember

Gucci Stripe Print Motif Detail Tie

The iconic double G Logo, the embroidery pattern of bees and snakes, you can see that this is Gucci’s own son! The red, blue, and white space stripes evolved from the decoration of the British flag. The slanted line design enhances the visual three-dimensionality; the low-saturation hue highlights the classic brand pattern on the tie, giving off a strong British Academy wind. To tell you the truth, I wanted to put on this tie when I saw it!

Paul Smith Space Print Tie

Paul Smith’s silk tie is mainly black, with UFO, spaceship and planet patterns. It is a tie style that playful boys must have! The lining is also a bit special pattern instead of the usual monochrome. Fairies who want to wear a suit but don’t want to give people a too serious feeling may wish to try this tie. The eye-catching effect is first-rate!

Paul Smith Striped Polka Dot Silk Tie


This creative tie is also from Paul Smith, combining twill and polka dots, plus bold colors and patterns, confirming the look, it is Paul Smith’s consistent tone! The lining is black with small dots, echoing the front. This tie is full of fashion sense, simply looks good with a white shirt, giving a sense of capable business without being too serious.

Thom Browne Super 120s Twill Necktie

If you look at the front of this pure wool tie from Thom Browne, “it’s just an ordinary gray tie.” Printed with the brand’s most representative three-stripes details and sewn large labels for a tight fit. And the biggest advantage of the solid color tie is that it will not have much influence on the color of the shirt and suit, and it is super easy to match. Boys who like blue can also choose the same navy blue, which is also simple and versatile.

Prada Heart Motif Tie


Prada’s black and bright green silk satin tie can be said to be a strange perfect score in color matching. If you have more plain shirts or suits, this tie is definitely an important finishing touch. A classic silhouette made in Italy. The front is a pattern of a heart and a screw connected by a small lightning.

REISS Loa Medallion Pattern Silk Tie


This tie fits REISS’s neat and sharp cut, while adding a touch of modernity. The silk body is covered with a layered medallion embossed relief pattern, which has a great gloss and looks more elastic under the matte background. With a plaid suit and a pair of Oxford shoes, a handsome gentleman with a strong British style will come out!

Recommended Bow Tie Styles

Alexander McQueen Skull And Polka-Dot Print Bowtie

It’s true that McQueen can make a bow tie such a formal and formal product. This black bow tie with a slightly fluorescent blue skull is cut from silk, and the overall is a three-dimensional bow style. The hook is added to fix it, and it will feel better. With the same color suit can enhance the sense of fashion, do not forget that blue is still a mysterious color.

Burberry Velvet and Silk Bow Tie

A classic bow tie is a symbol of gentlemanhood and a testament to taste. Burberry’s black bow tie is a mix of velvet and silk. The hand-finished design is full of texture, whether it looks or feels. With an adjustable hook, everyone can adjust it according to their comfort. Low-key and solemn and error-free, it is a very suitable entry model.

Cerruti 1881 Abstract Pattern Bow Tie


Etro Etro 1T1536007 0200 Natural (Other) -> Silk

Etro’s bow tie is made of blue silk blend fabric, with Paisley motif, weaving style and adjustable tailoring. It combines classic and modern eye-catching design to perfectly show the brand’s iconic bohemian Asian style. With a matching suit of the same color, make it a finishing touch, easily reveal the style of small men!

Ted Baker Floral Silk Bow Tie

Ted Baker paired a garden theme with a bow to make this silk bow tie. The bow tie is embroidered with flowers and matched with a monochrome shirt, making you the most eye-catching focus at the ball in minutes. Friends who think that the plain style is too monotonous, this bow tie is definitely your favorite for a long time!

TOM FORD Solid Satin Silk Bowtie

This delicate TOM FORD bow tie is made from luxurious silk with a simple hook, adjustable neckband and smooth satin finish. Made in Italy, the classic black, will not be outdated and will not make mistakes. At the same time, it can add solemnity to simple shirts, and it is also a “primary bow tie” that is worth everyone to start.

Vivienne Westwood Orb and Thunderbolt Bow Tie Navy Blue

When you saw the Martian pattern on the background of the navy blue bow tie, it was clear where it came from-the attitude of the “child” of the Queen Mother of the West! The bow tie is made of blended silk. The biggest feature is that the bow tie is pre-bundled and fixed with adjustable hooks, so even if you are “little hands” don’t worry about it!

Well, I recommend so many different ties and bow ties in one go, I hope I can give you some inspiration. Still, I suggest that you can prepare a few different styles, so that even if you are late to the party and the reception, you don’t have to worry about not having these small accessories to match your handsome suit. Finally, don’t forget to go to our [hotuk.deals] frequently, every day there are super discounts waiting for you!