Hunter Boots: Top 1 British Rain Boot Brand Buying Guide


The first second was clear and the sky was raining, and the second second was raining heavily. It is no wonder that the British weather that “changes face faster than flipping through the books” is a topic that everyone often uses to vomit. Every night I decide what clothes to wear and shoes based on the weather forecast for the next day. No matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, in this rainy country, rain gear and rain boots are indispensable super practical items. And when the winter is extremely cold, the warmth of the fur-lined rain boots is also very good! However, in the stereotypes of everyone, it seems that the keywords “rustic” and “clumsy” can not be put aside. In order to let you willingly enter a pair of good and practical rain boots, I decided to correct their names. Let’s talk about Hunter Boots, a British treasured rain boots brand, and let you see what it means to be the fashion representative of the rain boots industry!

Brand Introduction


Founded in 1856 by British native Hunter Boots, this professional rain gear and rain boot brand is loved by consumers for its long history and high quality products. And it was the supermodel Kate Moss who brought its rain boots into the fashion industry. At the music festival, she had a neat vest vest and denim shorts, paired with a pair of Hunter Boots. Can be so chic!

The brand has been awarded twice by the British royal family, which has laid a solid foundation for the century-old brand in the UK. It has the functions of comfort, cold resistance, and water resistance, and the brand has become more and more fashionable in recent years and various types of heat co-branded models, making rain boots no longer just rainy! A lot of simple and smart styles are not incompatible even on sunny days! Yan value and “inner” are both online, want to know what treasure items of this fashionable and most fashionable rain boots brand are worth entering, board the grass planting train of members, and set off!

Best Seller

Women’s Original Tall Gloss Wellington Boots: Military Red


The extremely saturated red has no sense of vulgarity. On the contrary, it will give people a super handsome aura, just can’t help but look at it a few more times. The wide boot body version is super positive, which can well modify the leg shape. The smooth, waterproof upper is easy to care for, and daily cleaning with a clean, damp cloth is sufficient. It is also worth mentioning that all Hunter Boots rain boots are handmade, and the ingenuity concept once again confirms this century-old quality guarantee.

Men’s Original Tall Wellington Boots: Dark Olive


Long-legged boys come here to gather! Hunter Boots’s most classic long rain boots are this one. The olive-green boot body, the brand’s classic red frame logo is inlaid in the center of the boot’s edge, and the simple and stylish decorative side buckle, even if it is a straight man who can dress well, step on these rain boots and wear a trench coat You can easily express the elegant British gentleman style.

Men’s Original Chelsea Boots: Navy


Another classic. Many boys like to wear these Chelsea Boots. Not only is it a versatile fairy item, but the key is that it can really enhance the look of the whole look instantly. The low-key color matching of dark blue will not go wrong, but also comes with a calm and mature temperament! Boys who are not used to wearing long rain boots can go to the store to try this pair.

Women’s Original Printed Insulated Short Snow Boots: Storm Camo Print


I even found the legendary “Snow Cotton” in Hunter Boots! This a bit of tide snow cotton used the recently popular storm camouflage elements, the irregular bright color printing and dyeing effect spilled over the boot body, which really brought a touch of liveliness to this gloomy season. Hand-made PU stitched nylon upper, warm fleece lining, thick and soft breathable insole, the wearing experience after the foot can really give full marks. Wearing it in temperatures as low as minus 22 degrees can still keep your little feet in a super warm state!

Men’s Original Insulated Ankle Snow Boots: Magnetic


When I saw this pair of snow cotton for the first time, the first thought in my head was: “This is too suitable for a dad or other male elders as a gift!” The pair of boots lost the dull and old-fashioned feeling, the boot mouth and the lining chose the contrasting bright orange color, and the proper age-reducing design is get! It can also withstand the severe weather as low as -22 degrees. If you have a dad who likes outdoor activities at home, this pair of snow cotton is a very good intimate gift.

Women’s Original Printed Long Puffer Coat: Storm Camo Print


In addition to the practical and fashionable rain boots, the brand also has a wide selection of raincoats. This storm camouflage raincoat is in the same series as the “snow cotton” on the front. The large-scale printing and dyeing effect and the colorful pieces of paper scattered randomly on the clothes can not be hidden throughout Individual design. The length design that covers the knee can perfectly cover the butt and the flesh on the thigh, exposing the most slender calf part. A thick coat that can withstand as low as minus 25 degrees is really a super practical piece in the rainy place of the rotten country.

Men’s Original Printed Puffer Bomber: Storm Camo Print


There are a lot of awkward friends around me who do n’t want to bring an umbrella knowing that it ’s raining, saying that it ’s too much trouble to carry an umbrella … Even if it ’s drizzling, it ’s necessary to have a rainproof jacket when there ’s no rain when it ’s pouring down . Also from the “Storm Camouflage” series, this short rainproof jacket for boys looks a lot of energy and spirit. After the upper part of the camouflage design on the large area, there is still a sense of sight. The point is that when it doesn’t rain, it ’s perfectly OK to wear it as an autumn and winter coat!

Original Kids First Classic Nebula Wellington Boots: Element


In addition to adult rain boots, Hunter Boots children’s rain boots are also a very popular line. This pair of Wellington rain boots designed for children from 18 months to 8 years old is classic and versatile. The flat soles make the baby smoother when walking, and the round head design will not squeeze into the “nowhere to place” little feet . The most important thing is that the use of dark tones is easier for parents to take care of!

Original Big Kids Nebula Wellington Boots: Bella


The parents of the little princess, 5-11 years old, hurry up to get these fairies rain boots! The low-saturation tender pink with a matte texture with a fine sparkle retains the lively vibe and neutralizes the soft and delicate sense of pink. The wide boots are comfortable to follow and can run around on rainy days.

Original Top Clip Backpack – Rubberised Leather: Military Red


In terms of practicality, the backpack is definitely a fairy-level single product, and the waterproof backpack can be said to be higher grade! Hunter Boots this Red backpack can be carried by both men and women. The three-dimensional brand Logo appears in the same color in a low-key and is inlaid in the center. The details are magnified for super texture! The capacity of the bag is quite powerful: laptops, folding umbrellas, book notes, water glasses, cosmetic bags, and even thin jackets can be stuffed. In addition to the outer zipper, there is a buckle on the top of the bag as a double protection insurance, so you don’t have to worry about the contents of the bag being soaked in rainy days!

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