2020 Top 10 Designer Bags to invest in

With the end of the major fashion weeks in spring and summer 2020, do you not hurry up to catch up with the popular elements of the next season? In order to become a more beautiful girl in the spring of 2020, buying and buying is definitely indispensable! If you want to attract enough attention, the bag must be the Top 1 of investment. After the wave of ultra-mini bags and underarm bags that started this year, what powerful explosive bags will appear next, then follow me to find out!

2020 Spring and Summer bag fashion trends

2020 Top 10 Designer Bags to invest in
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When it comes to this year’s trend, ultra-mini bags are absolutely indispensable. Although small enough to fit even a cell phone, it is still the topic and hot guarantee. According to this momentum, the super-small bag boom in spring and summer 2020 will Carry on.

At the same time, this year’s exaggerated design is getting more and more eye-catching, and various exotic styles are emerging. For example, cylindrical or rectangular bags, what other double bags, big bags boom are beginning to show their heads. The tassel element that was popular in 2017 will also appear frequently on the extension platforms of major brands in 2020. You can see it from clothing to accessories, and it will definitely return.

From the perspective of backpacking, clutches and underarm bags are also popular styles in 2020. Well, after understanding the fashion trends, we will start the “actual operation” slightly, a large wave of bags is coming, ready for your wallet!