The Top Swimwear to invest in 2020 for girls


As soon as it enters May, it means that the summer that the friends are longing for is finally coming! Although the really hot summer in the UK is really one of the few, but you can still enjoy it for a few days! Today I will introduce to you one of the indispensable items in summer-swimwear! The popular styles are all here, let me help you to become the most beautiful babies on the beach or poolside!

Warm reminder: The products and purchase links I selected below are for your reference only. Although we do our best to ensure the timeliness of the information, it is inevitable that sometimes the products will be out of stock or off the shelf. Please understand.


Caroline Constas Ari Ruffled Polka-Dot Swimsuit

The first thing I want to introduce is this blue polka dot swimsuit from Caroline Constas. The girl-minded little fairies will love it. The dazzling blue is matched with the age-reducing and cute white wave point, coupled with the ultra-low collar and the cross strap design on the back and the super exaggerated ruffles, it will definitely be a “back to kill” weapon. The official introduction says that it can also be worn as a bodysuit, with white shorts is still a strong sense of presence!

Champion Crop Bikini Top & High-rise Bikini Bottom

Girls who like fitness or want to show off their muscles, this bikini suit from Champion is perfect for you. The main sports style, is the upper body very similar to the sports bra worn during fitness? The whole body is black and there is only a small Champion logo on it, which is quite simple, so that the center of gravity of the whole body is placed on your good figure.

Cover Leopard-Print Swimsuit

Having seen the above two distinct swimsuit styles, this swimsuit to be introduced next has more personality. That’s right, many girls’ favorite leopard prints can also be used in swimsuits. This leopard print swimsuit from Cover is good, and it has a zipper design on the chest. The height of the neckline can be as you like. This swimsuit uses special anti-UV materials and short-sleeved shape to protect the skin from sunburn to a greater extent. It will make you more confident when exposed to the sun.

Jack Wills Himbledon Tie Back Swimsuit

Girls who are still in school, I chose this special tailored swimsuit for you. It comes from Jack Wills, who is very loved by the student party. Look at this pink and blue color to know that it is his signature color. The upper body’s tailoring design reveals your abdominal muscle curve, and the pleats on the front chest make even the flat-chested girl not need to be inferior, but instead add a touch of cute and playful! Behind is the cool strap design, which makes the whole look young and energetic. The same style is also available in different colors, go slowly!

LoveShackFancy Floral-Print Swimsuit

Next, this swimsuit is from the super hot brand LoveShackFancy on social media. His family is famous for its dream-like prints and fairy styles. It is really the most suitable brand for little fairies. This swimsuit uses the famous pattern of his family, looks super gentle, and behind it is a large backless design, do not forget to show beautiful back. The decorative shoulder strap can be adjusted freely, which makes it easier and comfortable to wear, and the overall shape is also quite unique.

Tory Burch Costa Smocked Floral-Print Bikini

Another set of bikinis that I think is better comes from Tory Burch. This bikini is partial to the Hawaiian beach wind. The white background with blue floral flowers is fresh and refreshing. The folds are carefully stitched on the edges. The shoulders are still fixed with bows, which is quite playful. If the girl with bronze skin color puts on this set, let alone how dazzling!

Zimmermann Ribbed Swimsuit

Girls who like simple design can take a look at Zimmermann’s one-piece swimsuit. There is not too much decoration on the whole. An ultra-low collar design is enough to attract attention. The warm coral color is very similar to the earthy orange color in the makeup in the past two years. It is very friendly to the yellow skin of our Asians. Wear it with a straw hat and sunglasses to the beach. The elegant lady is you!

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