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Every time the winter arrives, the wardrobe will always feel: Emmmm… It seems that there is a coat missing? Although the coat I just bought last year is still quietly hung in the closet, I still want to find a new favorite every winter. After all, the trend is different every year, and as the highest single item in winter, If you can find a coat that is tightly wrapped against the wind and walks in the wind, you will feel good when you go out! This year, every family has a beautiful new look. The classic styles and cuts are also innovative. I put a good look on the coats, and I have a big name for quality and tailoring. I also have a good price/performance ratio and design. It’s hard to hold on to the high street that is impulsive, most of the code numbers are still very full, and the baby you need can catch up before the winter comes!

Wear skills

Before I officially plant the popular styles, I will give you a summary of several coats that are very hot this year with small Tips. The first is the combination of coat + sweater. The turtleneck sweater has always been the warmest interior item in winter. A high-quality sweater and coat are very temperament. Since last year, the combination of high-necked sweaters and shirts is also very popular, and the coats are more layered; the second is the superposition of coats and thin coats, whether it is leather, denim, suit or sweater coat. Can be stuffed into the coat. In recent years, the sports style has become hotter and hotter, so the third way to wear is to wear a casual sweater. Stylish and casual together Get!

Well, after the introduction of the wearing tips, the following officially entered the popular coat of grass, men and women styles, pockets please stand by Oh!

Tips: The products I selected below and the purchase links are for your reference only. Although we do our best to ensure the timeliness of the information, we cannot avoid the fact that the products will be out of stock or off the shelf. Please understand.


& Other Stories Oversized Belted Wool Coat

& Other Stories This black coat is a style that sells very hot every year, and many fashion bloggers have turned over its brand. The wool blend is soft and warm, and it’s perfectly fine in the UK for the winter. The loose silhouette, the natural sleek shoulder line and the large curved lapels create an elegant French romantic style. Open and casual, handsome, wearing a belt to wear is full of femininity. The price is also relatively easy to accept, it is a coat worth very much.

& Other Stories Plaid Check Long Tailored Coat

& Other Stories This plaid coat locked my heart in a second. The wool-blend texture is soft and skin-friendly, and the cuff-and-loop design contrasts sharply with the classic straight silhouette, with a gray and beige interlaced checkered pattern that gives a very refined and sophisticated feel.

AllSaints Avita Trench Coat


The AllSaints home of the “Standard Western Queen Mother” is elegantly designed with exquisite cuts and a touch of modern elegance. The biggest difference between this khaki coat design and the other styles is the slanted button design, which is matched with a small and delicate collar and a tight waist. It is paired with handsome jeans and rock style. The pointed toe and ankle boots, you are the most awkward girl on the street!

Burberry Islington Trench

Burberry’s windbreaker is definitely a must-have classic item, and you can switch between dressing style and casual style. In this fashion resurgence of this year, the windbreaker of B has once again chosen to incorporate the traditional style of the brand. Wide belt, exquisite hardware details, double-breasted design, the overall shape is more retro and sophisticated, coupled with a simple and tailored cut, the whole body is spirited after the upper body! I feel that this windbreaker is added to the wardrobe this year, and the temperament retro style is properly taken down!

COS Classic Long Wool Coat

COS home clothes I think is always better for the upper body than the model. This classic wool straight coat is inspired by men’s clothing, and the hard cut is very spiritual after wearing it, slim and slim. There is no trace of extra decoration that exudes a strong neutral temperament and a sense of high quality. I like the temperament of a cool, cool style.

Loewe Oversize Coat with Belt

Loewe’s coat is the “yukata” style that many stars and fashion bloggers have worn in recent years. The high-grade soft cashmere fabric, the atmosphere of the cut, as long as the “wrap” casually, the gas field will come out. Although it is thin to the touch, warmth is unambiguous. The color and length are also standard for autumn and winter. You can wear a pair of Lok Fu shoes like the model lady, which will create a slim calf in the visual.

Max Mara Tie-Belt Wool and Cashmere-Blend Wrap Coat

Max Mara is the “first ancestor” of cashmere coats, and many babies have been planting grass for a long time in their hearts. Fortunately, it is still a good deal to buy Max Mara in the UK. The latest season of this bathrobe cashmere coat is simple and low-key, the color of the milky white is too dazzling, the waistband can highlight the waist, the down can be used to hide the meat, with the boots open and breathable The field is almost two meters eight, wearing a dress is gentle gentleman style, ah, I really want to have!

Prada Patch-Pocket Wool Coat

After seeing so many light-colored coats, the versatile black coat certainly cannot fall. The Prada’s coat made of pure wool feels soft and warm, and there is nothing to say about warmth. The tight waist and unfolded hem make the whole piece full of clever lines, and the multiple pockets are designed to put down some small items and make the coat full of layers and design. With a pair of locomotive Martin boots, the handsome queen with the full value of the gas field is you!


Burberry Stripe Detail Double-Faced Wool Duffle Coat

Men’s clothing doesn’t care much, quality and classics are more important. Just like the ox-corner coat with British college style, how can you not have it in the wardrobe of Chaowa? I picked you Burberry, which was inspired by the Royal Navy, and every detail is fascinating. High-grade beech wood buckles, exquisite and shiny, each wooden buckle is engraved with the Burberry logo. The strap cuffs are designed to prevent the entry of cold winds, and the deep pockets not only warm hands but also put a lot of things down. The black decorative stripes make the white coat more design, and it is clean and age-reducing, and it is a coat worth investing.

COS Long Double-Breasted Coat

COS’s heavyweight long wool-blend coat is perfect for cold weather, and the long style and side opening design keeps the wind out! COS’s consistent streamlining and tailoring makes the coat have no choice in the effect of self-cultivation. Like the model’s younger brother, the one-of-a-kind body is a full-fledged personality, and the black sweater suit pants are more neat. The business style, cool guys can be converted according to their usual dress style.

KENZO Colourblock Parka

In addition to the wool coat, it is actually more practical to put a Parker coat that can prevent rain and wind. KENZO’s Parker coat is designed with a high neck, hood and sleeves, and it is necessary to keep the wind and rain out. The warmth is great, the cut is simple, so the upper body will not appear too bloated. Brown and black stitching plus a touch of red and orange embellishment, walking on the streets of the UK winter, you are the most eye-catching!

Topman Brown And Blue Check Double Breasted Overcoat

This brown and blue-and-purple plaid coat comes from the cost-effective high street brand Topman. The tailored cut makes the shoulder and placket joint fit the body, so the upper body is very wide and not tight. feel. Like a model brother, with a hoodie, the daily casual style is fixed.

Well I will introduce this hottest coat this fall and winter. The most important thing to choose a coat is to find the one that suits your temperament and body. Then you can spend a little thought on the accessories and give the black coat a bright scarf or What is the bag, winter is actually the most easy season in the street style! Finally, I wish everyone can find the coat they like! Also don’t forget to visit our website !

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