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I don’t know if your friends are the same as me. Every time I receive couriers, more and more orders are placed from Amazon? By the way, since I used Amazon Prime membership, the frequency of buying things at their homes is really high. The British Amazon is indeed getting better and better. Not only can it be solved for daily eating, drinking and playing, some household necessities such as small appliances, gardening tools, and digital products can be found on the website with a lot of choices, and often there will be the whole network The lowest price makes it more cost-effective to buy. Many of my friends asked me where to buy some useful small appliances. In fact, I don’t need to go elsewhere. I can find a lot of them on Amazon. If you don’t know how to search in English on Amazon, take a look at my summary today. Maybe you have the products you need. Let’s take a look!


Reminder: The products I selected and Buy Link are for your reference only. Although we try our best to ensure the timeliness of the information, it is unavoidable that sometimes the products will be out of stock or off the shelves. Please forgive me.



Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker




Among Amazon appliances, the most popular ones are all kinds of kitchen utensils. Friends who don’t have much time to cook, I highly recommend you to start with an easy-to-use electric pressure cooker, which can not only steam rice, but also various stews, soups, and stews. The meat is quite easy to use, and the electric pressure cooker saves more time than cooking with ordinary pots. It can also be prepared before going out in the morning, set a good time, and eat ready-made at home in the evening! I recommend the number one Amazon pressure cooker here. It comes from Instant Pot. It has more than 10,000 reviews on the Internet. The praise rate is close to five stars. There are 13 modes. You can adjust whatever you want. It also has a memory function. Do it next time. The same is done directly with one key, and food for five or six people can be solved at a time. With it, I immediately feel that my life efficiency has improved a lot.


Raclette Grill Smokeless Indoor Raclette Machine




After staying in the UK for a long time, you will find that in the good weather when the sun comes out, the tempting BBQ taste of neighbors is always unstoppable, so my friends can’t help but want to try their skills. If you don’t want to buy a grill that takes up space, it is highly recommended to start with this kind of electric barbecue machine that can be used indoors and outdoors. There are also 8 small baking trays, which can be used to grill cheese, fried eggs and so on individually. The flexibility is very high, and 8 people can handle it together. And unlike traditional ovens, without the charcoal fire, it is super convenient to clean. It can be done with a simple scrubbing and washing. Don’t clean up after a meal!


Russell Hobbs 3-Tier Food Steamer




Compared with the traditional steamer which needs to be cooked on the fire, the electric steamer does not touch the open flame and is safer. Cooking several dishes at the same time can save a stove. Like the famous small appliance brand Russell Hobbs, this is still a three-layered type. At the same time, steaming striped fish, steaming shrimps, or heating several cold dishes in one go is really time-saving and labor-saving. Needless to say, the taste is natural and the nutrition can be preserved to the maximum. The original flavor is more delicious.


Russell Hobbs Multi Cooker




Unexpectedly, the rice cooker is also available on Amazon in the UK. It is also from Russell Hobbs. This rice cooker can really help us who can’t live without rice for three meals a day to solve the big problem. Its appearance is exactly the same as our common electric rice cooker. It has a built-in 5 liter non-stick coating liner. It is no problem for household use. It is easy to make rice and porridge, and it is also possible to make stews and stews. It comes with a variety of cooking modes, and can preset a delay of up to 24 hours. Tonight, you can arrange the meal for tomorrow night. From then on, mom no longer has to worry about being busy and unable to eat! This rice cooker comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer, and you can get an extra year if you register on the merchant website. If there is a failure during the warranty period, it is still very stable that it can be returned and replaced.


Tassimo Bosch Suny Special Edition Coffee Machine




Whether it is a student party or office workers, when they are busy, tired and sleepy, they have to have a cup of coffee to “continue their lives”. Moreover, home capsule coffee machines are becoming more and more popular. If you want to get a useful one, you can find a lot on Amazon. What I want to recommend here is the capsule coffee machine from Tassimo, which is generally highly rated by online users. Its integrated shape is compact and easy to manage. Add water, put the capsules, and push the coffee cup in the holder at the same time. The start-up work is all completed. A cup of fragrant coffee will be ready in a few seconds. It has exclusive Intellibrew technology and unique barcodes on the supporting capsules. The coffee machine can automatically scan and configure the appropriate water volume, temperature and time. Different coffees are completely “customized”, which saves the time for self-adjustment, which is very user-friendly . Moreover, Tassimo’s coffee capsules have more than 70 flavors from 11 brands, including COSTA, Kenco, L’OR, Cadbury’s, etc. They can be drunk for two months without heavy samples, and the price-performance ratio is superb!


Tefal Everyday Induction Hob – Black




This induction cooker comes from Tefal, a famous brand of small electrical appliances in the United Kingdom. It is very practical and very suitable for the eating habit of cooking and eating like hot pot. It comes with 5-speed automatic mode and separate manual mode. It can not only eat hot pot, but also simple frying. It can be used for frying, cooking, and frying. The output power can be freely converted from 450W to 2100W, and the heating is absolutely powerful. I have used this one myself, and it is still very useful after seven or eight years. I highly recommend it to everyone. In addition, remember that the induction cooker must be equipped with a suitable pot, like this one needs to be equipped with a pot with a bottom surface of 15 to 25 cm in diameter. You should pay attention to it when you buy a pot.


Tower Family Size Air Fryer




Friends who like to fry food must be familiar with the new kitchen equipment such as air fryer. They all know that fried chicken cutlets and tempura are delicious, but using a pot or a traditional fryer is really too oily, and oil stars are splashed. It’s everywhere and it’s troublesome to clean. Fortunately, this air fryer gives us a new choice. You only need to brush a little oil in the inner pot and use hot air convection technology to complete the frying or frying process. It saves 99% of fuel and increases efficiency by 30%. It can be fried in 15 minutes. What a pot of French fries, it can be regarded as super fast!


Yeeyo Electric Multi Cooker




This small kitchen appliance is a combination of an integrated stove and pot. It can not only be used as a hot pot and barbecue machine, but also can be used for steaming, boiling and frying commonly used in cooking. The 1000W power guarantees high efficiency and the large 3 liters. There is no problem with the capacity for 3 to 5 people to eat at the same table. Its powder-blue appearance also gives a lot of points to its appearance. It is practical and beautiful to have a meal with friends. No wonder it has won so many five-star praise!


Amazon Echo Dot (4th generation) Smart Speaker with Alexa




Let’s take a look at the home appliances that are necessary for home use outside the kitchen. First of all, Amazon’s own Echo Dot is a very popular smart speaker. It is now the 4th generation, and the price is only 50 pounds, but it has built-in Amazon’s exclusive smart assistant Alexa, which can not only play high-definition music, what information can you query? , Alarm clock setting, indoor lighting, temperature and even door lock control can be done, and it can be solved in one sentence, really smart enough virtual housekeeper! In addition to stand-alone use, you can also set up one in each room to achieve the high-tech demands of the whole family with surround sound and all-round butler.


Blink Mini Compact Indoor Plug-in Smart Security Camera




In addition to smart butlers, indoor safety is also a point that many people care about. In today’s era when smart homes are becoming more mature, smart surveillance is gradually being widely used. Like this Blink mini indoor camera, it is very easy to use. It is also from Amazon. It comes with Alexa smart butler, night vision function, exercise monitoring and built-in call function. After setting up, it can be connected through the mobile App, no matter where you are. You can monitor the situation at home 24 hours a day without interruption. And if you want to save surveillance video, you can use Blink cloud storage for £2.5 a month, which will make query management more convenient in the future.


ELEPHAS Portable Projector




Nowadays, people are getting more and more busy, watching TV less and less time, coupled with various platforms and network resources, TV has gradually been replaced by more efficient and practical projectors, not only large screen projection, but also definition It’s not bad at all, and it does less damage to the eyes. It is a good choice no matter how you look at it. There are many cost-effective projectors on the Amazon website. Among them, ELEPHAS is one of the first choices among affordable projectors. This one is equipped with 4500 lumens luminous flux and a maximum projection screen size of 180 inches, which can play 1080p high-definition images. Watching movies, playing games, the experience is superb.


ieGeek 360° CCTV Camera




Certain friends will ask what useful outdoor surveillance is available. Of course, there are many choices on Amazon. Among them, the ieGeek camera is good. It has a horizontal 360-degree and vertical 90-degree rotatable camera, monitoring without blind spots, and the color night vision function allows non-destructive image quality at night. In addition, motion monitoring and tracking The function makes observation more flexible and targeted. It can also track the screen in real time through the mobile App connection, and can also communicate with two-way voice.


Lepro Smart Bedside Table Lamp




Smart lighting is an important part of it. Controlling smart bulbs through mobile phones, remote switching, adjusting color, and color temperature are all necessary functions; this smart desk lamp from Lepro belongs to this category, and it can be intelligently controlled by Alexa and Google Home. , 16 million color adjustability and color temperature control is definitely the master of home atmosphere adjustment. In addition, alarm clock settings and simulated wake-up daylight are also its major features. It wakes up in the soft simulated morning light every morning.


Levoit Humidifier & Diffuser




The air in the UK is relatively humid, and in the winter when the heater is turned on at home, you will feel dry and dry. If you want a good humidifier, you can take a look at this Levoit, which is sufficient for a room of 10 to 24 square meters. It can work continuously for 20 hours with low noise and high efficiency. It has built-in humidity monitoring to keep indoor humidity at an appropriate level of 40% to 60%. It is worth mentioning that it also has the function of diffuser.


Philips Compact Air Purifier




Amazon also sells air purifiers in the United Kingdom, and they are from the trusted big brand Philips. The effective working range can reach 49 square meters, which is more than enough to use in the room. It has its own air monitoring system, real-time feedback of the air quality in the room through 4 colors of lights, working noise is very small, it can remove 99.5% of PM2.5 level of fine particles, dust, pollen, bacteria, allergens, It can be swept away, and it is very useful for friends with allergic symptoms and rhinitis.


Philips Steam&Go Plus Handheld Clothes Steamer




I recommend the handheld ironing machine from Philips. It can release steam from any angle and does not require an ironing board. It can be used as a garment ironing machine. Not only is it compact and portable, it can be used within 45 seconds of plugging in. The clothes are ironed and flattened instantly. Even if you are in a hurry, you can save time to complete it. So it can be used at home, and it is also very convenient to carry it in the suitcase when traveling.


Ring Video Doorbell Wired




Finally, I will introduce a well-known smart doorbell. It comes from Ring and also from the Amazon family. It combines traditional doorbell and visual monitoring. It comes with 1080p high-definition picture quality, night vision function, two-way intercom, motion monitoring and Internet connection, there is a door when no one is in the house. When there is a visitor, it will immediately notify and activate the motion sensor through the mobile app. Even if people are outside, they can know who is visiting and communicate in real time. If you still have a speaker equipped with an Alexa smart housekeeper like Echo Dot at home, the doorbell can be transmitted directly through the speaker. From then on, you will never miss the delivery because you can’t hear the doorbell!


Alright, I have introduced all the necessary small appliances that you can buy on Amazon in the UK. Do you think it’s too late to meet these small things? In fact, there are more than that on the website. If you want to find any useful electrical equipment, you can find it on the universal Amazon. In addition, Prime members can enjoy free next-day or even same-day delivery services. Getting started with new appliances is really a matter of minutes!

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