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Strathberry is a new luxury handbag brand that has suddenly become popular in the fashion industry in recent years. It is also one of the most photographed handbags on Instagram. Star celebrities and fashion bloggers are drying it, even Princess Megan is the brand Loyal fans, on many occasions took their handbags out of the country.

The brand originated from Edinburgh, Scotland and now has a flagship store in Burlington Arcade, London. It is said that its chief designer came from LV, showing the team strength behind his brand.

All Strathberry handbags are hand-made in Spain. They are made of high-grade pure leather. Its design is classic and simple. The biggest feature is a metal beam in the middle, which looks avant-garde, exquisite and retro. Due to the inability to build large-scale mass production on a mechanical assembly line by hand, Strathberry has a very limited number of shipments per batch, so stockouts are the norm, not only without discounts, but also in advance booking.

Megan's Strathberry Midi Tote Bag
Megan’s Strathberry Midi Tote Bag

Its classic model is the emerald green East / West Mini chain bag with Princess Meghan’s fire.

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