GLAMGLOW Glow Mask 10% OFF


GLAMGLOW Glow Mask 10% OFF

Black and white double evil glowing mask, detox green bottle, fill blue bottle, bright orange bottle, compact purple bottle, and pink lip series, all to participate this sale

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Moisturizing moisturizing, moisturizing antioxidant, yellow was yellow mask, more viscous paste-like

Fine particles inside the sense of uniform spread after the paste open, the internal particulate matter disappears

There are coconut and ginger extracts, mild and comfortable


This jar is also super easy to use (often sold out of stock), due to skin problems caused by excess oil blocking the pores

And to help group conditioning skin texture, clean up impurities within the pores, closing pores

Can improve the skin, conditioning the skin, helping to enhance the skin’s defense and keep the skin healthy

GLAMGLOW Glamor is botanical extract so almost any skin can be used ~


Tight contour, whitening skin rejuvenation, shrink pores, silky tender skin, Yingrun moisturizing

TEAOXITM Tea Source Huan TM has a tight profile, smooth fine lines

Volcanic pumice particles can purify the skin, clear pores, soften the delicate touch

Seabed mud can control water and oil, the effect of invisible pores


Purple cans, the main anti-aging, firming and upgrading, especially for light mature muscle girls ~

Is a pearl white paste, a bit like paste, semi-fluid, there is a certain mobility.

The sparkling ductility is good, you can apply a large area.

Painted to the back of the hand, the sun shining golden light, this Yan value, game high, almost the United States to cry.

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