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Extracted from the wild Alaskan salmon, the raw material is not ordinary fish oil than da, Omega-3 content is extremely rich!

Can increase the luster and elasticity of the skin and hair, improve dry skin, weight control, lower blood cholesterol, enhance memory!

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Perricone MD from the United States, unlike most brands throw money to advertise, the brand is taking a very low key route, but the product is stressful and easy to use the ingredients.

Its founder, Dr. Nicholas Perricone MD, is a graduate of Yale University and is an expert in skin anti-aging medicine and nutrition. As a result, their family’s products are focused on anti-aging, either orally or topically, More people to use, whether it is to prevent the fine lines to find the door or want to say byebye wrinkles mature muscle, I believe they will fall in love with their home products.

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