2019 Top 10 hot summer men’s and women’s sandals


Popular styles and matching skills

Women’s sandals

Friends who love to wear fashion must know that the simple and simple thin sandals look back to the top of fashion this year. Whether it’s chic or intellectual, it can be easily navigated. Retro fashion sense, can be perfectly integrated with various styles of wear, who will reject such a single item? A few very fine laces seem to be randomly intertwined on the feet, fluttering with a mysterious and sexy, especially suitable for a variety of beautiful skirts, which is the most fascinating landscape in midsummer.

Compared with the ordinary sandals, the thicker laces are not conducive to the modification of the leg shape, and it is easier to expose the defects. It’s a disaster for girls who don’t have slender legs… And thin sandals can reveal more skin and make the overall look full of air. With the small high heel, the legs can be stretched to a large extent visually, making the overall visual effect lighter.

Men’s sandals

Boys’ sandals are not as much as women’s sandals in color and style. Most of the colors are mainly dark, and they will look stable and look good, and the colors are also versatile;

In general, men’s sandals with shorts, trousers are no problem, specifically need to be determined according to style and style. It is much more convenient to wear sandals like going to the beach for a holiday than to wear sneakers. It will also be more casual and relaxed.

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Women’s sandals

ARKET Ankle-Wrap Leather Sandal


H&M’s mid-to-high-end brand ARKET is a favorite of Xiaobian. It focuses on high-quality, practical wear-through routes, and the design is also a low-key, clean and cold style. This year’s slim strap sandals are worth recommending. The skin of the leather has a texture, no complicated design and color. With a few slender laces interspersed with each other, the simple and simple style reveals chic fashion.

By Far Tanya Suede Heeled Mules


By Far, a brand from Bulgaria, although only two years old, it has become the new darling of the fashion circle. This classic word-strap sandal is very eye-catching, and it is more succinct than ordinary thin-strap sandals. The minimalist style of the shoe is very recognizable with a clean square head and architectural heel. Square head sandals are not as sexy and feminine as pointed shoes, nor as mediocre as round heads, but just in the middle, with a strong sense of geometry and a retro atmosphere. For the friends with wide feet, the square head is also more friendly, and it is easy to modify the shape of the foot while also bringing a feeling of effortless and painless wearing.

DUNE Natascha Gladiator Leather Sandals


If you don’t like to be too monotonous and want to wear flat sandals with a strong sense of design, consider DUNE’s pair of pearl sandals. From color to decoration, it reveals cool and fashionable. The round pearls embedded in the hardware hole have a touch of high-class elegance. In the collocation, whether it is a simple T-shirt shorts or a floral dress, it is a finishing touch!

Gucci Marmont Sandals 75


Gucci’s pair of thick sandals are a low-key, simple style with a height of 7.5 cm. The word on the vamp is the GG buckle design, which makes people know Gucci shoes at a glance. It is really a low-key luxury. The design and color of the shoes are very versatile, and the retro-styled bronze gold double G logo is exceptionally high in the black setting, whether it is casual or formal occasions can be perfectly matched.

Kurt Geiger London Maddison Eagle-Embellished Jelly T-bar Sandals


In recent years, more and more people like to wear jelly shoes, because the comfort is really high. The front of the shoes is flip-flops, and the back is a buckle design, which is very beachy. There is also a three-dimensional eagle-head badge on the vamp that “suspects to sell Meng”, so that the whole pair of shoes does not look too monotonous. The match is also very simple, wearing ordinary short-sleeved shorts is no problem.

Rejina Pyo Zoe Mules


The designer of the niche brand Rejina Pyo is a Korean girl who graduated from the Saint Martins College of Art. She founded the eponymous brand in London in 2011. She is good at conveying elegant and elegant styles with interesting geometric patterns and bright colors. The brand also shines in this season’s footwear design. The transparent acrylic heel is matched with the thin strip of fruit green and yellow, which is like a piece of art. If the word sandals bring a sense of retro and soft, then the cross-irregular design is a romantic style! And compared to the word strip, more straps have more emphasis on the foot, and it is more comfortable to wear.

Sophia Webster Chiara Embroidered Leather and Suede Sandals


Although it has long been known that Sophia Webster’s butterfly wings series shoes have always been full of charm, but this pair of real brings surprises. The shoes are a touch of rose gold, and the small three-dimensional butterfly at the end seems to be dancing. The delicate embroidery and the embellished small bright beads will flash in the summer sun! However, these heels are 10 cm high, and they are still stilettos, so they are more suitable for the fairies who control the high heels without pressure. The effect of visual extension and grooming legs is a must! Guilty, there are fairies who plan to attend a prom or graduation ceremony but still lack a pair of shoes, you can consider!

Stuart Weitzman NearlyNude Leather Sandals


Stuart Weitzman, a pair of nude sandals, I really love it at a glance! A strong modern smart city fan! With a height of 6.5 cm, “high-heeled children” can definitely consider incorporating them into the shopping cart. No jumping colors and extra decorations, thin straps at the slender ankles, with casual oversized wind jeans, walking 2 meters of legs are the wind!

The Row Bare Leather Sandals


Nowadays more and more people like to hide in the low-key sexy, and The Row happens to have played minimalism. This pair of Bare leather sandals, the simple line structure reveals the immortality of not eating the fireworks of the world, can be described as the insults of the “bull screen single product”, is one of the most representative of the very fine lace style. White with a cool tone is very temperament!

Valentino Garavani Rockstud Leather Sandals


Valentino’s flat sandals perfectly satisfy the girls who like the design of their home but can’t wear high heels. This pair of sandals continues the classic strap and rivet design and is very recognizable. The color is a touch of champagne gold, it is very white on the feet! The collocation is also very strong, like jeans or skirts. Wearing the shoes on the street in the summer, I know that the cool little fairy is right when I look at the shoes.

& Other Stories Strappy Square Toe Heeled Sandals


& Other Stories This sandal can be said to be the cheap alternative to the Rejina Pyo above, the price makes the committee members very excited. This year, the family also has a lot of styles of thin strap sandals, a lot of color choices, interested baby can go to the physical store to try on and feel. With a simple and elegant puff sleeves and a white skirt, the girl is full of emotions!

Men’s sandals

Gucci Stripe Strap Sandal


Gucci’s recent design is really getting more and more lovable. These men’s sandals use two contrasting shades of light and shade. First of all, visually, you can’t help but make people look more. The two straps that are wide across the upper are printed with the distinctive GUCCI lettering. The gear-shaped sole can also stretch the leg shape visually. What I didn’t expect is that the model brother like a high-profile The thick socks actually set the sight of the street tide!

Kurt Geiger Double Strap Sandals In Black Leather


Compared with women’s sandals, men’s sandals don’t have so many designs. Like the Kurt Geiger sandals, the design is very simple, the color is also versatile black, and the upper is made of soft leather to ensure the comfort of the shoes. Trousers and shorts are no problem, the most important thing is to simply relax, not pick people!

Malibu Tan Canyon Sandals


Malibu’s sandals are modern Mexican style and look great. The shoes are woven from faux leather and durable nylon, which adds comfort to the upper leg and looks like a sporty sandal, so it’s a good fit for casual sportswear.

PRADA Clip Buckle-Fastening Velcro-Strap Sandals


Prada’s sandals are made of durable rubber and leather. The soft sole is exceptionally comfortable on the foot and is perfect for a holiday on the beach! The overall design of the slippers, coupled with the thick buckle behind, is simple and atmospheric. With a beach pants with a perfect summer day, you are the most fashionable girl on the beach!

Stella McCartney Logo Sandals


Bandage sandals are not only a girl’s patent, but men’s sandals can also be so hot! These sandals are based on black, and the design of the straps is printed with the brand logo, which looks stylish and attitude. The sole is rubber design, the comfort is no problem, I think this pair of shoes is more neutral, it is also appropriate to use it as a couple sandals!

Look, here, I received a large wave of different styles and styles of sandals. Does any one hit your heart? In the summer, it is to let your feet come out and breathe, and let the sun shine.

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