2019 Top 10 Fashion Hand Bag Review!


The Spring Festival has just passed. After the Gregorian calendar 2017 passes, the Chinese calendar 2017 is gone forever. Those in 2017 smash hit the bag is … still very red ah! Seen in 2017 those popular in the whole network, brush all over the circle of friends who are beautiful, it is easy to see that creativity, personality, fun is the key to people money. Now red bags must be creative, bright, memorable. Just like those stars who play a lot.

Here’s an inventory of 2017’s Top Ten Network Red envelopes. You have already received these packages it? Or have been included in the 2018 purchase plan yet?


No.10 Valentino Rockstud handbags

Valentino Rockstud 手袋


Why Valentino’s bags and shoes are always shiny? Because this brand love rivets deep. Valentino as a generation of rivets crazy, with a chance to use rivets. All items that have the word “Rockstud” must have rivets. One of the designers responsible for cents gas quit Dior, the rest of the rock heart that is to Valentino’s unruly personality to the extreme, the introduction of the entire package covered with rivets Rockstud handbags. The traditional pyramid-shaped rivets smaller size, inlaid at the intersection of lozenge, rebellious uninhibited, exquisite shine. Dual-purpose portable shoulder, can control a variety of occasions. Fan Bingbing round tickets a star celebrity publicity platform, it is to make this package popular helicopter. Rockstud handbag is currently only solid color, 2018 to spell color models, the style is more young and lively.  Buy Link


No.9 Gucci GG Marmont Messenger Bag



Gucci GG Marmont 斜挎包

GG Marmont is a series, the series has a double shoulder bag, handbag, messenger bag, metal double G covered buckle strokes, rounded edges, and retro and stylish, all with this buckle belong to the GG Marmont series. One of the most popular is the Messenger bag. GG Marmont Messenger bag revival tradition and break the tradition, the package that “tongue” refers to the elements of the antique bag, the most strange look awkward, but after seeing the year more pleasing to the eye how the case … … chevron pattern than the Link Check more modern, popular in recent years. Even the Chanel flourished Chanel also started engaging in the Herringbone pattern. The most romantic design details than the back of the bag there is a love-shaped lines, it is suitable for girlfriend to express love it. what? Valentine’s day is over? What is the relationship, which day to send this package, which day is Valentine’s Day! Buy Link


No.8 Loewe Barcelona

Loewe Barcelona 斜挎包

The most unique part of this package is the triangle. Semi-metal semi-leather triangular decoration has been very delicate, but can also be inserted into the leather bag on the front. Interesting design so small fairy can not calm, start with generosity. Package is relatively compact, from the point of view, that triangle is relatively large, it is added to this bag Meng Meng. Small, cute, wild and people remember live, the advantages of so many packages are not common, so the emergence of a rapid system dominate the Pa auction sector.(Buy Link

No.7 Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack Mini

Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack Mini 老花小书包

LV small bag when it is really old fans hobby it, because the old flower has always been considered old-fashioned, mature, boring, who have never seen such a lovely old flower Yeah. In fact, Louis Vuitton Backpack out of a good many models, but the fire that only the most mini one. Mini schoolbag is also the most interesting, slender shoulder strap can be removed, but also between the straps can be connected. Shoulder, shoulder, hand-held, tied to the waist, the play is too much. Large flower back shoulder straps are fixed, and is wide, there is no mini so fun. So small mini accidentally become the king out of stock, want to buy mini bags most people will hear such a reply: “Money, leave you, go back and other news.”(Buy Link

No.6 Chloe Nile Handbag

Chloe Nile 手提包

With a large metal ring as the handle of the bag, this idea brings Chloe billowing money. Nile is a series, the series is characterized by that big ring. Hanging crescent-shaped bag below the ring the most popular style, hanging saddle shape of the popular style. But this does not matter, no one will care about hanging under the big ring, because the big ring is the bag body. A large ring is equal to the protagonist halo, always able to focus the most attention. Chloe’s Nile Collection combines the best of both genders and personalities, both of which stand out.(Buy Link

No.5 Loewe Puzzle

Loewe Puzzle 手提包/拼图包

Pretty postmodern bags, do not take the unusual way. Unique shape of the package surface, zipper position is also unusual. Like a multi-faceted gem, it’s like a 3D geometric puzzle, beautiful, atmospheric and funny. Very large capacity, especially can be installed. Although large, but not boring, is a rare classic design.(Buy Link

No.4 Chloe Faye Messenger bag and backpack

Chloe Faye 斜挎包和双肩背包


Faye is a series of Chloe, the series of two packages popular, comparable. One is the atmospheric Faye diagonal package, a small Faye double shoulder. Different styles, the common point is the metal decorative ring on the package, this ring is not as functional as the Nile series of rings, just a decoration only, but also have eye-catching effect. A slender metal chain buckle in the ring at one end, the other end connected to the package body, walked to shake the metal chain adds a sense of mobility, the design of the fantastic.(Buy Link

No.3 Gucci Sylvie handbag

Gucci Sylvie 手袋

Designers will represent one of Gucci’s classic elements – tri-color stripes on the Sylvie bag the most prominent position, and just right with a metal chain, so that Sylvie beautiful artwork, not only interpretation of the Gucci spirit, but also interpretation The essentials of fashion: fashion is a reincarnation, but each cycle should add new bright spots. Classic is not obliterated, but you have to find the right way to render. Sylvie is a classic textbook reappearance of classic, bag-type is old, three-color stripes are old, the metal chain is old, combined with exudes the “now my most red,” the young atmosphere, without losing the classical gorgeous. The shoulder strap and the package itself as wonderful, for the first time using colored tape as a shoulder strap, can be long or short bow tie, so shoulder strap has more possibilities.(Buy Link

No.2 Gucci Dionysus Bacchus package

Gucci Dionysus 酒神包

Some big bags will make people think: “This stock is also a big one?” But Dulcis looked very valuable package. Pick it up heavy, the texture is super good. Process is extremely complex, the more details the more the United States, the horseshoe-shaped carved bag buckle removed down on the British Museum will not be contrary to the sense of. Today’s Bacchus package series as the Marvel universe, all-encompassing, there are large and small, well-spent, there are diagonal cross hand bag, some expensive cheaper. The same is the package type and package deduction, the other are all changing.(Buy Link

No.1 Balenciaga Bazar

Balenciaga Bazar 春运包

In 2017, Balenciaga earned the first prize of the year by making the most of its eyeballs with all kinds of single items that destroy the three concepts. In many hot eye single product, the most spicy that must be “Spring Festival package” Yeah. As soon as it launched, all people inside and outside the industry were terrified, especially the Chinese people. This is not a snakeskin pocket commonly found in the Spring Festival contingent?

Even more surprising is that this snake skin pocket. Even more surprising is that this ultra-expensive Spring Festival package also sold super good, is one of Balenciaga’s most popular single product. Last year, luxury brands in the first turnover and social media attention can be all the first Balenciaga, Spring Festival package popularity can be seen. It seems that nowadays the more we die, the less dead.

But think carefully, it can be understood. Compare Balenciaga spring bags and train station really spring bag, the two materials work is a world of difference, the design is nothing more than learn from the snake skin pocket color stripes, but is the color technology and color effects are two worlds It However, the capacity and sophistication of the two touches a fight.

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