Netflix’s New Rules: A Crackdown on Password Sharing and a Perfect Gift Solution

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In the era of digital streaming, Netflix has become a household name. It’s the go-to platform for binge-watching our favourite shows and discovering new films. But as with any service, there are rules to follow. Recently, Netflix has reminded its users of one such rule: password sharing.

Netflix’s Crackdown on Password Sharing

Netflix has expanded its crackdown on password sharing, reminding users worldwide that their accounts cannot be accessed for free outside their households. The company has sent emails about account sharing to customers in 103 countries and territories, including the UK, France, Germany, the US, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, and Brazil. The emails remind sharers that a Netflix account should just be used in one household.

Why the Crackdown?

The streaming service has been looking for new revenue streams amid fears of market saturation. Efforts include limits on password borrowing and a new advert-supported option. Paying customers can add a member outside their homes for an additional fee. In the UK, the fee is £4.99 per month. Members can also transfer a person’s profile, so the user can keep their viewing history and recommendations.

A Perfect Gift Solution: Netflix Gift Card

While the crackdown on password sharing might seem like a hassle, it also presents an opportunity. If you have friends or family members who have been using your Netflix account, why not gift them their own subscription? A Netflix Gift Card is a perfect solution.

Netflix's New Rules: A Crackdown on Password Sharing and a Perfect Gift Solution

The Netflix Gift Card can be delivered via email and redeemed in the UK only. It’s a convenient and thoughtful gift, allowing your loved ones to enjoy their favourite shows and movies on Netflix without breaking the rules. Plus, with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from over 2,400 customers, it’s a highly-rated gift option.

The Benefits of a Netflix Gift Card

A Netflix Gift Card offers several benefits. Firstly, it allows the recipient to choose what they want to watch from Netflix’s vast library of content. Whether they’re a fan of thrilling dramas, hilarious comedies, or informative documentaries, there’s something for everyone on Netflix.

Secondly, a Netflix Gift Card provides flexibility. The recipient can use it to pay for their existing subscription or start a new one. They can also choose the subscription plan that suits them best.

Lastly, a Netflix Gift Card promotes responsible sharing. It ensures that each household has its own account, in line with Netflix’s rules.

A Closer Look at the Netflix Gift Card

Let’s take a closer look at the Netflix Gift Card and see how it compares to other gift options.

Netflix Gift Card Other Gift Options
Convenience Delivered via email May require physical delivery
Flexibility Can be used for existing or new subscriptions May be specific to certain products or services
Variety Access to Netflix’s vast library of content Variety depends on the product or service
Compliance Promotes responsible sharing Compliance not applicable
Reviews Highly-rated with over 2,400 reviews Reviews may vary
Price Available at £25.00 Prices may vary

As you can see, the Netflix Gift Card stands out for its convenience, flexibility, and variety. It’s a highly-rated gift option that offers great value for money.


Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing is a reminder of the importance of responsible sharing. While it may require some adjustments, it also presents an opportunity to give a gift that’s both thoughtful and practical. A Netflix Gift Card is a perfect solution, allowing your loved ones to enjoy their favourite Netflix content while respecting the rules.

Remember to check out regularly for the latest shopping deals. And if you’re looking for a gift that’s sure to please, consider a Netflix Gift Card.

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