Omorovicza 75% off  Code: OMO25


Hungarian spa skin care Omorovicza 75% off  Code: OMO25

Known as the world’s most replenishment of the brand! Queen’s water, makeup remover cream, deep cleansing mask, mint foam cleansing, balance moisturizing cream, gold first aid cream store!

First introduced the brand Omorovicza:


It is a skin care brand from Hungary. The full range of products are based on Hungarian hot spring water and more emphasis on the following harmful ingredients: Paraben preservatives, alcohol, mineral oil, silicon, surfactants, synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances.

It is a rare home is a single product is a basic praise, many people say that the eyes closed chaos buy will not buy the wrong brand.


Here are a few of its main products

Let’s talk about its most famous Queen’s water, also known as youth rose. Spray nozzle is very thin, almost spray out of the fog, there will be no drop of water from the face of the case. Smell the soothing good smell, unlike the Grand Duke Royal Queen of the wind smelly oil, once I sprayed in the room just spray, her husband came in and said: “good incense ah, you spray perfume?

After a moment on the face a little cool feeling, but not as big as the Queen Grape water so intense, feel fresh and comfortable, moisturizing effect on the upper side, it seems a little contraction of the role of the pores. The biggest drawback is too useless, I have to spray every 10 or so mad. The picture is just bought soon shot, and now has gone down a lot.


Mint cleansing


This cleansing I have been over several times, I really like ah. If my sisters want to try this brand, I think it is suitable as a starting product. Although the foaming force is not particularly strong, the foam is also a bit weak, but the cleaning power is not vague, clean color white translucent, dry does not collapse, dry skin and mixed dry skin are used all year round.

If the shortcomings, then one is the amount of a little fee, the other is that flat and flat packaging, although good-looking, but not very crowded, Tianyi cold more difficult to squeeze. And crowded in the palm of your hand cream is easy to fall in the basin, wash basin or even on the ground.


Meat pink matte texture of the cream, the mouth after the massage will be turned off the oil wipe, the first time to use, I saw this full mouth shine shouted “not good.” Painting it and then rubbing lipstick will affect the color. Smell a bit like a child used a rubber, accidentally eat sweet mouth a little delicious. Moisturizing power and durability are very good, healing power can feel.

All of the above, personal feeling this lip balm is not very suitable for daytime use, but if you want to find a lipstick for night moisturizing repair, it is a good choice.

Clean the mask


The mask has been written before, already empty bottles. Gray mask mud is very soft, a few minutes before the face there will be a slight tingling, but do not feel irritated, after a while began to have a sense of tension, well washed with warm water. Generally considered a very gentle cleansing mask, season no allergies when used.

Occasionally, I will be partial thick compress, deposited in the nose and nose on both sides, when washed away will see a white head, black head will be reduced. Thin face, then wash the face after Run Run, very clear, brightening effect. But the price is too unlovable, you can take advantage of the sea Amoy discount website to buy.

Rose firming cream


The essence of this essence of the main function is compact and anti-aging, used to take the Guerlain imperial apathetic essence, I use the time is not long, only to talk about the use of flu. White latex texture, there is a little bit of pearl inside, ductility is good, two pump tube full face, a pump tube neck. Rub the face after a little sticky feeling, this point slightly points.

But do not know is not because of the relationship between the sticky feeling, real sense of compact really quite obvious. But for the anti-aging products, immediate effect is of little significance, long-term effect is important. As for the long-term results, so I report again after it!

Body milk


This body lotion has also been written before, a lot of cans. The taste is not used at first, but it smells a little more like it. The texture is very thick and needs to be massaged to help absorb. Strong moisturizing, body slippery lubricated after running. There was a shower without a hand cream, the hands are also directly coated body milk, the result the next day the hand is still slippery and tender.

In addition to moisturizing, this body milk also features compact anti-aging function, can be used together as a neck cream. If you think of it, this body lotion will be more reasonable.

Now there are many cost-effective packages:

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