Monzo Bank Review: the Best Digital bank in 2019 ?


What is Monzo?

Monzo is an online banking company established in the UK. It can be downloaded from the app store. The bank does not have a network. The application does not require any complicated procedures. It can be applied through the information interface of the mobile app. It can be applied for three or four days. The physical cards will be sent to you. Monzo, one of the UK’s leading challenger banks.


Free foreign exchange conversion fee

Fees and foreign exchange Monzo’s main feature is the free use of overseas fees. When you travel from the UK to Europe, it will automatically convert your pound into the euro exchange rate for settlement, without any additional fees.

Monzo Bank’s app icon.

Easy transfer

Transfer and cash Monzo’s transfer interface is very convenient and fast, but the disadvantage is that you can’t deposit cash (can be cashed in), so you need to recharge the card only by transfer.

How to Apply

 Monzo customers have been urged to change PINS after a security flaw was exposed

Apply through the above application link, and after the application is successful, you can get a reward of £5.

Support Apple Pay

The Monzo bank card can be put into the Apple wallet, and it is still non-contact. I basically only take this card when I go out, and I am not afraid to lose it. If I lose it, I can freeze it directly on the app.


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