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Kérastase is the world’s first professional hair care brand, was born in Paris in 1964, has more than 50 years of history. Kérastase has always been committed to high-tech, high efficiency, high-quality purpose, through the hands of hairdressers super-professional commitment to intermittent hair care product development and luxury personalized scalp hair care services.

Kérastase’s main product lines are: Daisi Yirui series, Platinum Activation Series, Nourishing Hengduan series, Fengrong filling series, black diamond caviar series, double-Bian Jing pure series, cantilever color protection series, tough repair series , Silky tough Huanxu series, excellent heat nourishing series, Orly Shun soft series, Orly constant volume series, double intensive series, thermal protection series, anti-hair loss series, fresh oil control series, soothing series, dandruff purifying series and men’s series.

To experience the sophistication and luxury of a French-inspired culture, try it out. However, a wide range of nursing cardiologist series, do not do homework really do not know how to choose, Xiao Bian especially recommended caviar series!


【Black Diamond Caviar Series】 – Luxury, for all hair

Kérastase card poetry black Yao Zhen hair series, the main scalp newborn, tough hair, hair conditioner, soft and light. Give the scalp water retention and self-healing power, from the source, make the hair healthy and resilient, bloom again.

The company is located in:

Originally designed for premium salons, this first caviar treatment protects the cuticle cells intact. For all hair types, all scalp, main scalp for deep cleansing and hair luster, for scalp and hair.

Contains scarcity of roe essence, in the traditional process of increasing vitamin A, E, to give the scalp a balanced nutrient
From the fundamental improvement of hair, so that hair from the inside out full of moist and shine
Contains Abyssine (scalp regeneration factor, can enhance hair fiber)
Vitamin A & E (provides anti-oxidant, protects color, resists UV rays)
Trio of Ceramides (Strengthening and Regenerating Hair Fiber)
Gloss, softness, scalp health preservation, nutrition, repair, regeneration

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