10 Best Girl Sneakers Reviewed in 2020


Once upon a time, sneakers symbolize the memory of our lush years. Are the friends in the middle and high school period all equipped with school uniforms + sneakers + school bags? At that time, the sneakers were like a young symbol, enough to write into everyone’s fashion evolution history!

But the sneakers at that time always gave people a feeling of not being fashionable. It was nothing more than comfortable wearing and convenient to move. Today’s sneakers are very different. Whether it is in fashion design or functional use, it has changed a lot. It has got rid of the sense of heavyness and dullness. It is basically a fashion list that must be fashionable. Product. Some time ago, I took a wave of men’s sneakers for the men in the tide. Now I recommend some popular women’s sneakers to the girls, so that you can dress up and taste!


Dressing Skill





If you want to wear a sneaker out of fashion, you must ensure that the curve of the lower limbs is smooth. Then a yoga pants or tight leggings is essential, which can help tighten the leg muscles, reshape the lower body curve, and achieve the effect of stretching the length of the lower body. After that, you can focus on your feet with a pair of eye-catching sneakers. Remember that the socks in the sneakers are best kind of boat socks. The ankles are exposed to the outside, which can further lengthen the proportion of the lower body. As for the upper body, it is sporty and casual. A sports jacket with a cotton jacket or even a motorcycle jacket, the head rate is definitely a lever!




Of course, there is another way to wear casually with jeans. This kind of wearing method is more casual, just pay attention to slightly lifting the trousers to expose the ankles, and can also achieve the effect of increasing the proportion of lower limbs. Then let’s take a look at the popular sneaker styles this year!



Acne Studios Manhattan Leather Low-Top Trainers





Acne Studios’ sneakers are quite “old-fashioned shoes” in appearance, thick and stylish, and influenced by the sports style of the 1990s. These shoes are made in Italy, the shape is super simple, the white super thick outsole is a major feature, the overall neutral style will add a tough feeling to your style. These shoes are now sold out of stock, and they are full of “out of stock”! Members finally found that the number is still sufficient on an e-commerce website. Cool girls who want to start don’t hesitate at this time!


Adidas Continental 80s Junior Trainers White Scarlet Collegiate Navy





The Adidas family’s white shoes are affordable in terms of price, and are said to be very similar to the Yeezy Powerphase. It uses the ultra-popular style of the 80s, white shoes with red and blue pinstripes, plus the Adidas classic clover logo, have you seen the movie “Back to the Future” friends feel like the protagonist Marty McFly What about the feet? The same model is available in pink and black. The pink one is also very suitable for girls to wear. It has a black striped black sweatpants on the side of the classic Adi family. Is it cooler than you on the street?



Adidas Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu Shoes





This pair is a sneaker with tennis elements from Adidas and Pharrell Williams. Pharrell Williams is the singer who sings “Happy”. He also runs a street fashion card, so the skill of using popular elements is also unsuccessful. The style of this collaboration is made of Primeknit woven material. The sole is also textured, lightweight and comfortable. The shoe body is designed to be integrated and super lightweight. In addition to this gray-blue color, there are a number of colors to choose from, and the Burgundy red one is also very eye-catching.



Alexander McQueen Leather Runway Sneakers





The small white shoes of McQueen’s family are borrowed from the style of his men’s shoes, so he inherited some of the characteristics of men’s shoes. However, this does not affect it as a hot sale of McQueen’s women’s shoes, because it is a simple style, pure white leather shoes, the back is available in a variety of colors, this pink is very clean and cute.



Bally Super Smash Women’s Plain Calf Leather Low-Top Trainer in White




Bally’s September sales champion is here! Does this pair of white shoes look like the back-to-back shoes we wore when we were young? This shoe features a leather vamp with this series of vulcanized rubber soles, plus red stripes on the sides and a small “B” logo to create a retro fashion trend. When Bessie gave Vogue a hard photo, she wore the same model, which was really handsome!



Eytys Angel Patent-Leather Low-Top Trainers




This year, influenced by the chunky wind, thick-soled shoes have a tendency to regain momentum. For example, the Swedish sneaker Eytys sneakers are made of rare patent leather material with metal lace buckles and extra-thick white geometric soles. The whole body is pure white, only the tail uses his own purple label, with 9 points. Wide-leg pants and turtleneck sweaters are the standard 90s retro style.



Fendi PVC Mesh and Textured-Leather Sneakers




To say that it has continued from last year to a big popular element of this year, it is inevitable that the use of PVC material is indispensable. This year’s show, clothing, bags, shoes, more or less can see the PVC material figure, Fendi’s sneakers skillfully applied this element, but also spliced the transparent mesh surface. A skylight was opened on the upper to avoid the imperviousness of PVC material.



Fila Disruptor II Trainers White Leather




This year, it seems that major brands do not have the tendency to push the chunky wind of “old shoes” everywhere. This is not the Italian sports brand Fila has also launched his family’s chunky sneakers, except for the brand logo. All outside is white, simple and crisp, and the iconic platform helps to stretch the legs visually. Overall, the price of this shoe is still very high, you may wish to go to the store to personally put on your feet and try.



Ganni Harriet Lace-Trimmed Faille Low-Top Trainers




Ganni’s black sneakers are so different in all the shoes presented in this article! The all-black shape is also paired with black lace, so the retro style of Gothic brings us back to the Middle Ages. Wearing it as a daily style can highlight the feminine atmosphere of the wearer and create a stylish and sporty style.



Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Superstar Distressed Leather Sneakers




Golden Goose’s small dirty shoes have been on fire for a long time, and the heat is still not reduced. After all, such a personality and versatile shoes are really rare. The shoes are still worn, the shoes are printed with a gold brand logo, and the bright blue five-pointed star is sewn. The tongue is made of bright silver leather. It is really “attitude” to put on the feet. !



Gucci Flashtrek Crystal-Embellished Low-Top Trainers




Compared with other sports shoes introduced today, Gucci’s shoes are not the “best star”. The military green is black and brown, which is as clean and fresh as other women’s sneakers. It is quite tough and unique. It draws on the characteristics of hiking boots and is additionally equipped with a detachable gemstone strap that reflects the wearer’s flamboyant character.



Puma Power Through Peace Africa Suede Sneakers




Puma’s recommended series In addition to the Super Heart’s Basket Heart, this Power Through Peace is also worthy of the start. In its origins, this series has a lot to do with the Olympics. At the 1968 Mexico Olympics, 200mm sprint gold medalist Tommie Smith was canceled for gold medals on the podium for equality and improvement of blacks. At that time, his amazing move profoundly affected the subsequent events and won the right to fair play for the colored people. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of this event, Puma has launched five sneakers representing different continents to promote the concept of world peace. Yellow represents the rhythmic color of the African continent. The suede fabric is super comfortable and is the first choice for street style sneakers.



Saint Laurent Court Classic Logo-Embroidered Leather and Distressed Cotton-Canvas Sneakers




Seeing the white shoes of Saint Laurent, I want to say that the designer is lazy? Because its design is just a graffiti on the vamp to sign the name of the brand. But the person who loves it must have taken a fancy to this casual attitude. Who can say no to it? This shoe is also slightly worn out, and it has the same effect as the Golden Goose shoes.



Vans Old Skool Trainers Mickey True White Disney




To say who is the most intimate style in the sneakers, Vans’s Old Skool is definitely one. Comfortable and durable is a major feature, Kristen Stewart is the diehard fan of this shoe. This time to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday, Vans has launched an all-white version of Mickey’s representative white gloves, which is quite cute and cute.



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